Digital content payment pass


Media coin is market opportunity

Media coin is a leading edge payment solution for enterprise and independent publishers.
Monetize digital content while keeping complete control of your brand.

Step one

Embed code

Simple, low-cost code integration
Tag a page and start collecting payments immediately. Or connect with our team to customize an enterprise solution. It's that easy.

Step two

Set prices

Your business model, your pricing
Set content cost and access policies such as number of free views, article cost or timed access.

Step three

Earn revenue

Visitors are willng to pay for quality content
Rather than turn visitors away with hard paywalls and steep commitments.. use media coin to provide a smooth path to user engegement while providing much needed circulation revenue. It's a win-win.

"Our vision is to enable journalism and creativity
To prosper in the digital marketplace."

Lee Stecklov, CEO

Grow your digital brand

Media coin integrates seamlessly with your brand. Media coin micropayment software is a
Supplement to, not substitute for, existing subscription platforms, offering users additional
Choice and freedom so they stick around and interact with your brand.

Increase digital
Circulating revenue

Decrease churn +
Increase retention

Maximize views
+ Time on site

Easily integrates
With existing sites

Monetize any
Type of content

Collect user
Data + Analytics

Turn bounces
Into conversions

Customer relationship

"Technology is totally disrupting the traditional
payment models that have sustained the Media industry."

Lee Stecklov, CEO

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