Ad Revenue
Circulation Revenue

Use Ad Inventory To Generate E-Commerce

Use ad space as a gateway to Instant Offers e-commerce


Assign Ad Space for Instant Offers

Use underutilized or low-margin ad space
Forget low CPMs and irrelevant targeting. Media Coin delivers the content for the ad in which ever format you require


Reader Completes Purchase

A click through opens up the curated e-commerce offer
Readers complete the transaction in Media Coin's secure site. Media Coin takes care of invoicing, fulfillment and customer care.


Media Coin Pays Publisher

Media Coin splits revenue with publisher
Our goal is the beat the low CPM for ad-only revenue while delighting your readers with relevant offers.

Our mission is to enable journalism and creativity
To prosper in the digital marketplace.

Grow your digital brand

Media coin integrates seamlessly with your brand. Media coin software can be used as a services or licensed.
It can supplement existing subscription platforms or replace them, offering users additional
choice and freedom so they stick around and interact with your brand.

Increase digital
Circulating revenue

Decrease churn +
Increase retention

Maximize views
+ Time on site

Easily integrates
With existing sites

Monetize any
Type of content

Collect user
Data + Analytics

Turn bounces
Into conversions

Customer relationship

The disruption of traditional revenue models is a challenge but
at the same time an incredible opportunity for the news industry

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